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Winter 2017

Dear Clients & Friends,
It's hard to believe that 2016 is already behind us. While a rather severe winter hit the West Coast, it was much milder than normal back East. No Canadian hockey team won the Stanley Cup yet again, but there is always hope for this year. At least we had encouraging results in our financial markets.   
This was a milestone year for me and for all of us at Thomas O'Neill and Associates. Earlier in the year I announced that Matti Allas and Jennifer Harris had become Partners in the Firm. Matti started with me in 2000 and Jennifer joined me in 2002. Their hard work, dedication and loyalty has been the biggest reason for my success, and that of our company, and I am extremely grateful to both of them.
On  a personal note, last year I made some changes in my personal planning and in particular my estate planning. Working with my wills lawyer, Gil Korn, and Charlene Taylor of the VGH and UBC Hospital Foundation, I decided to make a significant contribution, through an irrevocable gift of Life Insurance, to the VGH and UBC Hospital  Foundation. On Dec. 12th the Foundation held a very special evening in my honour where I was joined by family and friends. Half of my gift will go towards the VGH Trauma Program and the other half to the Skin Care Center at VGH. On our evening, Dr. Harvey Lui, head of the Skin Care Center, and Dr. Naisan Garraway, head of Trauma, made presentations and I also said a few words.
I count myself as one of the most fortunate people in the world having had some luck in business, but more importantly being surrounded by so many good friends and having met so many wonderful people along the way. And, for the most part, being blessed with exceptional health too.
However, over the past few years I have had a few health setbacks including a spiral fracture of my fibula and was also diagnosed and treated for skin cancer. While these are a rather insignificant in the world of health scares, it did give me pause that I am certainly not infallible nor indestructible. I was very grateful to receive exemplary care at VGH on these occasions while being an unexpected visitor to the trauma and skin care units. As a grateful patient I decided to make this gift to the Foundation. To everyone in the health care field who helped me, and who help thousands of British Columbian's every day,  I say thanks!
I was extremely humbled that the Foundation named the exit to Laurel Street in my honour (Thomas O'Neill Way) and I dedicate this to my Father - Thomas O'Neill Sr. - who at the age of 23 took a chance to relocate his wife and young son to this great country of Canada. I am forever grateful.
Here are a few photos from the evening: 
I encourage you to support your favourite charity!
Thomas O'Neill
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RBC Launches Medical Confidence
We are very excited to announce the launch of the "Medical Confidence" program for all RBC policy holders! Should you have a medical concern, Medical Confidence will review your file to ensure that you have in fact received the correct diagnosis and then they will help source the appropriate treatment for you. By accessing their vast network of doctors, in almost all cases the Medical Confidence program is able to significantly shorten the wait time to see a specialist. RBC recognizes that the faster they can get you treatment, the shorter your recovery time and the faster you will return to your normal activities. 

Medical Confidence is now available to you if you have an individual disability or critical illness plan, or group insurance with RBC. For more information, please review the following brochure.
Manulife Vitality
This year Manulife has released a new program called "Vitality", which promotes healthy living and rewards to individuals who participate in the program when purchasing their individual life insurance coverage.

Individuals earn Vitality points by completing simple, everyday activities like exercising, going for health screenings and even reading about healthy living. The more you engage with the program and maintain a healthy lifestyle, the more points you collect. These points convert into rewards and even savings on your life insurance plan!

Client Spotlight: Griffin Wine Storage
Selecting, acquiring and shipping wine is both fun and challenging.    Knowing that our substantial investment is aging securely in an ideal climate waiting for the day we gently coax a moist, intact cork from a fine bottle is critical to our Peace of Mind!
David Laniado, a long term and dear friend of mine, has with much input from myself and others like us who appreciate the art form, built a state of the art wine aging facility on West 3rd Street in  North Vancouver.    Griffin Wine Storage is the ideal place to store wine and I recently moved the bulk of my collection to his facility.   Boasting redundant commercial grade temperature and humidity control, piped natural gas, emergency back up generator and nine levels of security it is an ideal place to store your collection of wine.  In addition there is the plush, intimate Tignanello Lounge with adjacent tasting room that is perfect for having a glass of wine with friends and a great place to make new ones who share your passion for wine! David has even built in a beautiful kitchen as part of the tasting room.
Well located, particularly for those that live on the North Shore, I encourage to check out his exquisite facility!
I also encourage you to watch this fabulous explainer video David had made and call him directly at 604-340-2368 to have a tour of the facility.  I think you will be as impressed as I am.
Thomas O'Neill
PS- David and Parm will have a booth this year at the Vancouver International Wine Festival. Be sure to drop by and say hello to them at Booth "L".
Make The Most of Your RRSP
As we move through February the annual RRSP deadline is approaching, which provides an excellent opportunity to revisit your RRSP contribution options. The following article briefly explores some various RRSP contribution strategies which may help you maximize the benefits of contributing to your RRSP.
RRSP's are an excellent retirement planning tool and their benefits should be utilized each year. Please take a moment to review this article and please do not hesitate to get in touch to further discuss how these strategies can strengthen your retirement planning.
As a reminder the 2016 RRSP Deadline is March 1st, 2017.
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