Summer 2017

The O'Neill Report - Summer 2017
Well summer is definitely off to a great start here in Vancouver!  While we enjoy the gorgeous warm sunny days, our thoughts most definitely go out to those in other areas of BC that are under evacuation alert due to the forest fires.  We hope a quick and safe return for all the families affected. 
We had a number of changes in our team this Spring, with both Heather Chua and Nicole Russ moving onto new challenges.  After working with these delightful ladies for many years now, we will most definitely miss them in the office.  
We are very happy to introduce our two new team members.  Katey Hooper joins us in the role of Executive Assistant.  She will be working closely with me to provide administrative and organizational support.  Many of you will hear from her over the coming months as she organizes various events for our company.  Furthermore, Liz Vu will be providing general administrative support to the office, as well as for the insurance department.  You may have the pleasure of speaking with her when you call or come into our office. 
We certainly hope you and your family enjoy a fantastic summer!
Thomas O'Neill
In This Issue
MetLife to the Global Benefits Marketplace Marketplace
Many of you might remember the old advertisements for MetLife with the Snoopy mascot.  MetLife is far from new to the global insurance market, but until recently they were not licensed to operate in Canada.  Rebranded - sorry, no more Snoopy - and stronger than ever, MetLife recently launched their global insurance business in Canada through a joint-venture with Empire Life. 
MetLife offers a number of advantages over other global benefits providers, including:
  • Global expertise, Local Support - 9 service centers around the globe allow employees to speak to support in their particular area that understand these regional differences.
  • Enhanced Technology -  Plan members enjoy the benefit of paperless transactions on the go, while employers will appreciate the seamless billing and administrative systems. 
  • Life Coverage - MetLife is able to offer greater coverage limits
We have attached a brochure for MetLife's global benefits platform.  Should you wish to discuss how MetLife might work for your organization, please feel free to reach out!
Our Company
New Team Members
Executive Assistant
Your Retirement GoalsGoals
Retirement always seems far into the future and has a way of sneaking up on us. When the time to start planning is upon us, many have not given sufficient thought to how much retirement income they will need on a monthly basis. This  article and worksheet provide a good example of how starting the process early can provide time to shift savings patterns and retirement goals to ensure that you are in track for the retirement lifestyle you want.
Please take a moment to review, and as always, please feel free to get in touch with any questions on your investment and retirement needs. 
Industry Updates
Quebec Bill 92: Game changer for prescription drugs Saskatchewan Budget: New tax on insurance premiums
Ontario's New Youth Universal Drug Coverage
The Evolution of the Life Insurance Process
 When it comes time to meet with your advisor to  discuss the subject of life insurance, let be honest not many people are too thrilled to spend their time going over this topic, especially when the sun is out!
The good news is, Manulife has recently updated their processes which allow applications to be completed much more efficiently and quicker through the use of technology.  Thus cutting down the time spent on completing paper work and scheduling medicals. 
Included is a link to the article which explains how Manulife can make the process of obtaining life insurance a lot easier and less time consuming for you, so you can spend more time enjoying the sun this summer!
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