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Winter 2019

Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season.  I spent a few weeks enjoying the sun in Hawaii and have now returned ready to jump into things.

It's been a busy time at our office too, as our team - and luckily our business - continues to grow.  We had 3 new members join our staff this Fall.  Austin Siever, with prior experience working in the financial services industry, is providing support to both the Individual Insurance and Group Benefits departments.  As well, we have Emily Brown, our administrative assistant who handles our front desk and phones.  Finally, we have Jacklin Harper, my new Executive Assistant, who has come on board to help keep the office and my schedule running smoothly.

This Spring has us going to Toronto for the Prospectors and Developers Association Conference (PDAC) in early March. As well, Jennifer Harris flying to Cape Town, South Africa to attend the Indaba African Mining conference at the beginning of February. We look forward to seeing many familiar faces at these events!

It's an exciting time and I wish you and your family all the best for hopefully warm and wonderful Spring!


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Going digital - the doctor will see you now!   Enhance

Telemedicine has been rising in popularity worldwide and we are very excited that it is now undergoing vast expansion here in Canada. This movement is largely driven by the fact that accessing appropriate medical care in Canada is a growing challenge. In fact, studies have shown that we have the worst access to care out of any of the developed countries. 57% of Canadian patients must wait at least 2 days to get access to a physician, while 33% of Canadians are waiting more than a week to see their family doctor for basic medical care. This has resulted in increased employee absenteeism and clogged ER waiting rooms. 


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Introducing MANULIFE PAR - A new participating Whole Life ProductPlan



We are very excited to announce the launch of the new Manulife Par parti- cipating Whole Life insurance product. This policy provides a tremendous opportunity for permanent life insurance and significant tax-sheltered wealth accumulation.


Manulife Par participates in the company's surplus earnings in the form of dividends that are paid to policyholders.  These dividends are used within the policy to enhance the death benefit and tax-sheltered cash accumulation.  Manulife has taken a different approach with the PAR dividend scale in that it looks at future trends rather than just historical returns to determine the dividend rate.  As a result, the opening rate is 6.25%, which is locked in until August 31, 2019.  That's the equivalent of earning close to 10% interest in an open taxable investment!  For more information about Manulife Par's dividend rate please click here.


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2018 Financial Market Review & 2019 OutlookSuccess

It was a challenging year for market returns and global economic growth.


2018 was the weakest year for global markets since the great financial crisis in 2008. Markets were dragged down substantially in the final three months of the year due to higher interest rates, a slowing global economy, U.S. government shutdown and continued trade tension between the United States and China. Equity markets can move up or down for many reasons but over the long term, market valuations tend to return to their fundamentals. However, the fundamentals during the past year do not justify the sell-off that we've experienced, which suggests that the worst may be behind us.


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