O'Neill Review | Spring 2021

Dear Friends,

Spring is finally upon us and I don’t know about you but I’m happily embracing the warmer weather and time outdoors. For me, spring means putting on my gardening gloves and digging into the dirt. It’s the quiet contentment that comes with planting something and seeing it flourish over time. It was a long, hard winter for us all, being locked down and away from each other, but vaccines and warmer weather will hopefully allow things to start returning to “normal” in the coming months. We definitely look forward to reconnecting with clients, friends and family this later this summer as restrictions are eased, and welcoming you back into our office soon!



The New Age of Medicine:

Introducing RBC's Family Compassionate Care Rider

A Climate-Friendly Approach to Investing

What to Expect as a New Pet Parent

Covid-19 Vaccination, Your Insurance and Misinformation

We thought it would be helpful to clarify the Canadian Insurance industries perspective on Covid-19 vaccination. You may have come across material online that claims your life insurance will be negatively impacted if you proceed with Covid-19 vaccination. These reports are false. All the major insurers that we deal with have confirmed they fully support the Canadian Covid-19 vaccination campaign. We have received bulletins from each of these insurers confirming that Covid-19 vaccination will have no negative impact on existing insurance contracts and that vaccination will not negatively impact future applications. In fact, under Manulife’s Vitality program, they are offering Vitality points to clients that have been vaccinated.

Please do not let misinformation prevent you from securing your vaccination, and remember, we are always here to respond to any questions or concerns you have about your coverage. To schedule a review with Thomas O’Neill please contact Sarah Frazer ( or Nicola Ferguson (

The new age of medicine: Pharmacogenomics

What if a simple DNA test could allow doctors to predict what prescription medication would have the best outcome for you? Welcome to the new world of personalized medicine!

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Prestige VIP - Updates!

In the fall of 2020, we introduced you to Prestige VIP healthcare coverage which provides clients with access to healthcare anywhere in the world. This product is available to Canadian residents and provides Second Opinion, cancer testing, treatment and medication, organ transplant and access to healthcare worldwide.

Vumi Canada's Prestige VIP plan has now been enhanced with the addition of telemedicine.

We are also pleased to announce that Prestige VIP coverage is also available in a Corporate or Group plan.

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A Climate-Friendly Approach to Investing

Over the last year many of us have taken a moment to re-consider the natural world around us, how it affects us for both good and bad, and how it is irrevocably intertwined with our lives.

One of the first topics which springs to mind in this space is that of climate change. As the following article alludes, everyone a has a differing opinion on climate change, but one thing is apparent, it is influencing capital flows and is now an area which needs to be considered when making investment decisions.

Within the arena of sustainability-oriented funds, there are mandate-specific funds and those who are simply going where they believe they greatest returns lie. With either approach, climate change and it effects are worth considering when assessing your overall portfolio.

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What to Expect as a New Pet Parent

With the pandemic and the requirement to work from home, many have chosen to expand their families in the last year through the adoption of a furry, four-legged baby. It seemed like the perfect opportunity since many of us were required to work from home, but being present and available to train new pets is just part of the pet parenthood experience. If you’ve never had a pet before, there’s a fair bit to consider before you bring that fur baby home. For more information on what to expect as a new pet parent please click here

For all of you that have already taken the plunge, congratulations! We wish you the best and look forward to hearing about your first year as a new pet parent.

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