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Fall 2020

Dear Friends,
2020 has most definitely turned out to be a challenging year for many.  A global pandemic, floods, fires, and protests...
But challenges are the catalyst for change, and in all this, we've seen people and organizations adapt and innovate.  Families and communities have come together to support each other.  Companies have adapted to employees working from home, and to deliver products and services in new ways. 
The insurance carriers have made numerous adjustments to their offerings over the last 6 months to better meet the current needs of clients.  You will see from the articles below that there are new product innovations to provide quality coverage for individuals travelling abroad, as well as those wanting to access the leading global centers of medical excellence.  
Through all this, our team is committed to providing the best support to our clients as together we navigate this ever changing landscape.  There will be exciting news coming as we plan the strategy for our tomorrow! 

Thomas O'Neill
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How to Set Up an Ergonomic Home Office
Whether you're working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic or remote full-time, here's what you should know about setting up the best (most ergonomic!) office in your home.
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After months of restricted travel due to COVID-19, many individuals and companies are exploring the idea of out of country travel this fall / winter. Before doing so, however, it is important to ensure you are covered!
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Introducing Prestige VIP Global Healthcare
We are pleased to introduce you to Prestige VIP, offered by VUMI Canada, Inc., which provides Canadian residents access to global healthcare coverage.  This program will provide you with access to and funding for medical care at the facility of your choice anywhere in the world!  With a lifetime benefit of $5 million.  
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What is an IPP?
An Individual Pension Plan (IPP) can provide an excellent source of corporate tax deductions, tax-deferred investing, and a reliable retirement income stream for the right individuals.
The following article provides a brief introduction to IPP's, and the benefits which they offer. If you feel that an IPP may provide good fit in your overall financial strategy, I am available to further discuss at your convenience.
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Back To School!
We can all remember it - those butterflies on the first day of school. A new school year brings excitement - and anxiety - for almost all students, from young children to teenagers. But this school year will be like no other. Click here to read more.
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